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Mother’s Blessing

What is a Mother’s Blessing?

A Mothers Blessing is a very special day to celebrate YOU. Different from a baby shower, a Mother’s Blessing honours you and your pregnancy. Additionally this day helps to prepare you, empower you and pamper you for your upcoming labour and birth of your baby. 12711079_969781536430971_4390438167559783446_o

Whether you are about to become a first time mom or you are already a mom about to add a new addition, having a Mother’s Blessing is for you. I believe that every woman that so desires, deserves to have this very special day dedicated to them.

I can work with you and your circle of women, big or small, to plan this very special day. Some of the many ways we can celebrate are:

  • guests can each bring a special bead and a birthing necklace is strung for you and your baby. I have all the tools and skills to do this for you. This sacred necklace is yours to keep. You can choose to wear it during labour and birth to pull upon the strength and energy of everyone that attended your Mother’s Blessing.
  • guests can bring or are provided with a candle. During labour if mom wishes she can have the candles lit for her so she can pull the strength and support from the women in her life that she cherishes most.
  • each guest wraps some wool around her wrist and wears it until baby is born.
  • henna of baby belly and henna for guests. I can organize a very skilled Henna Artist to be in attendance.doula
  • song singing.
  • each guest brings a blessing to read to mom and for her to keep.
  • positive mantras and affirmations shared.
  • positive birth stories shared.

These are just some of the many ideas we can incorporate into your day.

I have been honoured to attend and facilitate many Mother’s Blessings and each is unique and sacred in it’s very own way.

Some women choose to be very involved in the planning and others prefer to just show up! Either way is totally fine.

As a Doula client of mine I can help guide you or the hostess through the planning and organizing. I can be fully present assisting or facilitating and guiding the gathering. As a professional photographer I can document the day for you too. Typically Mother’s Blessings are planned for a weekend afternoon and last approximately 3 hours, potluck style. They are best planned between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy.

If having a Mother’s Blessing sounds like something you would like to have as part of your birth journey please contact me for more information.

With love,


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